Are you a trail freak?

… in need of something different? In the Balkans the trails are ‘’herdmade’’. Giving biking a totally different feel and experience. From flow to rough and technical; metropol to forgotten(dying) villages; mountain to sea; meat and dairy to seafood and salad.


8 Days

Tour Type


Price 4+ guests



Kosovo - Albania

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Day 1

15 min. transfer in a 3 star hotel in Prishtina, sightseeing and welcome dinner.

Day 2

First a transfer to Beni’s (Our very friendly and talented local guide) 
hometown and then up to the longest trail he and his team have build 
in the mountains around. Very wild trail and nature, full of stories that 
Beni will tell us about.


The MTB trail builders community in Kosovo is growing fast. The neighbours are competing fairly well with Beni’s team.
Their trails are not to be missed, especially the finish in the castle on top of the city.

Day 3

Time to gain some altitude and ride in a wide open plateau of 3 countries; 
Kosovo, Albania, North-Macedonia. The trail rides along the Kosovo-Albania
border until it reaches North Macedonia at 2000m a.s.l. The afternoon view
of infinite bunkers, unleashed horse herds and farmers on the fields get the
cameras to work on the trail down to the music teacher’s guesthouse in one
of the most remote villages in Albania.



Day 4

Riding direction Peshkopi is always special. Starting with rock garden,
right out of the guest house to continue into pine forest; young beech
forest and open fields to reach Drin river where bathing is a must.
Lunch by Orgest’s farmer uncle and afternoon ride by the trails
around where he grew up.


Day 5

It’s time for muscle maintenance at the thermal bath. Yes, we will stink,
but right after we’re sweating it out climbing to the top of the flow trails
of Luzni Protected Park. By the end of the first descent, we have a frappé
from the Albanian emigrants who turned back from Greece, picnic and go for the second round.
Ps. This day can be skiped or dimidiated in case of fatigue. It’s a round tour.
We stay 2 nights at the same place.


Day 6

The last night in the rural Albania should be as special as the guesthouse
we visit. Slow transition from the soft soil of Peshkopi to the chromium of Bulqiza.
A great view of Peshkopi valley from the pass, simultaneously the highest peak of the day.
This trail rides down to one of the most well renovated guesthouses of Albania.
Once a defense tower, now a beautiful comfortable guesthouse located in the richest area of Albania.


Day 7

Like everything in life, it has to come to an end. Peeping Tirana between the home mountain’s gorges from the top of the trail is time deceiving.
The centuries old trail is not maintained anymore from the caravans and will shake our bodies to the end.
That comes with the price of fish and wine dinner. Proper way to celebrate the victory.


Day 8

30 minutes to the airport.
If you have a late flight back home, we can ride trails around Tirana or fill the day with other activities.

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