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On most of the season you should expect sunny warm temperatures ranging from 20-40 degrees. We recommend that you bring sunscreen and warm clothes since the exteme conditions the gear really makes a difference. It is also a good idea to check the weather before your tour departs! We go rain or shine so make sure you come prepared depending on the forecast.

Yes. Luckly most of our tours have enough clean water sources on the way. As additional help we offer shuttles up to the trailheads.

Yes. As a small market for us we can only offer them in a limited range.

Yes, our focus is on private tours and small groups. Quality over quantity.

All kinds of bikes suitable for our tours. Hardtail, fully, e-bike, road bike and gravel bike.
The prices vary from 30 euros/day for basic bikes and up.

We prefer Paypal but you can also pay by Bank Transfer.

Yes, 99% of the time. The Balkans are developing fast and most of the guesthouses/hotels provide free WiFi.

We don’t have a fixed aswer to that. We can say that the areas where we operate are not high-risk areas and to enter these areas (as of January 2022) you do not need any special vaccinations. That means you should check the regulations on going back home.

Yes, every host provides a laundry where you can wash all the clothes you need to.

Although we recommend that you have a guide in the rural Balkans, because the infrastructure and logistics are not perfect and many people don’t speak any foreign languages, you can write us to plan something specific tailored for you.

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