Want to associate closer to the locals?

Dibra is the perfect camp spot. In Dibra region you can ride up to 6 days of trails of various features, history and panorama while lodging at our guides house or hotel in the city of Peshkopi for more comfort and privacy. In these days we access the trails and visit some of the most remote villages via 4×4 roads. Meaning shuttles are possible if desired.


8 Days

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Price 4+ guests




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Day 1

Individual travel to Tirana airport
In only 30 min, from Rinas Airport we can reach Tirana city’s center.
You will be staying in a central, three star hotel and optional afternoon
rides on Tirana trails are available; the trails have been hand-built in the
offseason by our guides and their biker friends.
We can take the cable car up to Mt. Dajti if you are confident riding black diamond trails.


Day 2

2h transfer to witness first-hand Tirana’s evolution,
communist chromium mine city and stunning nature until Peshkopi, our home base.
The modern world is left behind. Riding the flow trails of Luzni Protected Park
is powered by frape (Greek coffee) at the village bar and chit-chat with the locals.

Day 3

The car takes us in 90 minutes up to the end of the road, next to Korab,
the highest mountain in Albania: 2756m. From wide-open plateau,
into pine forest and down to the Drin river. After 2000 vm descending,
it is time to celebrate the victory with a dive into the Drin river,
and later an easy spin to the hotel.

 31 km

Day 4

This is where our Russian rig, the UAZ, comes to life and we thank it for being there.
A tough 4×4 track brings us up to the highlight of Albania.
Orgest designed the lines and led the trail building team of the biggest
MTB trail building project in Albania (read more). Starting from the border
with North Macedonia to end in Rabdisht after about an hour of breathtaking
views and various lines. On the way to the city, we heal our muscles at the thermal bath.


Day 5

This day is awarded with a special prize “The Best Panorama of The Peshkopi Valley”.
Just above the last village, lies our car parking spot. That is where we feed
our eyes with the beauty of the valley and make them ready for the most colorful trail ever.
Starting at high altitude in open fields to continue on white gypsum stone
and further on red earth erosion, rock garden, crop fields…


Day 6

Back to man-made trails. Again, next to the border with North Macedonia, 
this time to ride the western ridge. Flow and authentic down to river Drin
to have lunch and some nice beach time at one of the best camping
spots in the area. No road, no electricity. Pure nature and serenity.


Day 7

Time to leave Peshkopi, and with good reason. 
The last night should be as special as the guesthouse we visit. 
Slow transition from the soft soil of Peshkopi to the chromium of Bulqiza.
A last view of Peshkopi valley and trails from the pass. Bye bye to Peshkopi
and ride down to the very well renovated defense tower Hupi,
now a beautiful and comfortable guesthouse.


Day 8

1h transfer back to Tirana and 30 minutes to the airport.

If you have a late flight back home, we can ride more trails
back in Tirana or fill the day with other activities.

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