Are you fit, but not much on technical descending? Want to know more about Albania’s history?

We go back in time and follow Albanias national hero steps. Now on old military roads build by the Italians during WW1 . From the capital of Albania over mountains of Kastrioti family and back we visit and live the rural life, swim in wild rivers and communist termal baths.


8 Days

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Price 4+ guests




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Day 1

Individual travel to Tirana airport 30 min transfer from Rinas airport to Tirana central 3 star hotel, 
sightseeing and welcome dinner

Day 2

It takes a very quick stroll from the center of Albania’s capital to the remote villages.
What was a European’s life 100 years ago, immersed in a different world soon to be ‘’updated’. 
The track to the city of Albania’s National Hero meanders through beautiful landscapes of reservoirs, 
crop fields and secular olive trees facing the Adriatic sea.

Day 3

From the sea horizon up in the mountains, riding century old cobbles takes suspension to work. 
Visit and overnight stay in a small city build out of nothing from the first king of Albania. 
Orgest was raised there and guides with nostalgia in the streets where he learned to ride a bike.



Day 4

Espresso in the middle of the mountains, old Russian and German trucks rusted in the dooryards,
waving people and exclamations of surprise from the kids. All of it, along a high plateau and a valley 
to finish at the Black Drin: the biggest river in Albania outflowing from Ohrid lake.


Day 5

Rest day with optional rides, walks, hikes or thermal bath.

Day 6

An overnight stay at one of the best renovated defence towers in Albania (now a guesthouse) 
is earned by a ride through the most remote village we see on this tour and a hike on the way
to the hight point of the day. The soil slowly changes colour while coming closerto the so called
‘’the Black Diamond’’.


Day 7

Morning coffee in the city of the ‘’Black diamond’’ and a transfer to the highest peak of the day 
to have a long descent passing the forgotten highlands of Tirana all the way to the hotel in the city center.


Day 8

30 min transfer to the airport.
If you have a late flight back home, we can ride trails around Tirana 
or fill the day with other activities.

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