What is Ride the Balkans?

Ride the Balkans is a home-grown cycling tour provider with a split personality. Equally passionate about biking as we are fascinated with our Balkan culture, our objective is to interweave both passions into an unforgettable adventure for you and your group. While our main focus is on guiding cycling tours, we are also able to help with bike rentals and servicing; it’s all part of what we do.

Why the Balkans?

The Balkans, collectively, are one of the most poorly understood regions on Earth. Their time of social unrest, military conflicts and the resulting instability have long been extinguished and yet these ideas are what prevail in most foreigners’ minds. Largely unknown, and just waiting to be discovered, are the rich culture, tradition and complex history of this small chunk of landmass, squeezed between many better known countries which have, through history, often attempted to gain sovereignty over the Balkans.

Why cycling?

Here at Ride the Balkans, our opinion is that there is no better way to immerse ones self in their surroundings than to travel by bicycle. Remote villages become accessible and are often linked by trails worn into the landscape by the locals who traverse them; clean air never tastes sweeter than at the top of a challenging climb, nor is it ever more crisp and delicious than at the base of a hair-tingling descent. Cycling is our passion, and we welcome the opportunity to show you this very special place we call home.

Why Ride the Balkans

Owing both to the inherent hospitality which is a hallmark of our Balkan culture, and as well to the fact that you’ll be joined at all times by your local guide from the area in which you’re pedaling, you will get to experience the Balkans as if you, too, were a local.

Who is ‘’Ride the Balkans’’?

Ride the Balkans originated in the mind of seasoned cycling guide and local Balkan, Orgest Noka.
Over many years and countless kilometers of roads and trails, he saw clearly the perfection of the landscape for cycling in all its various disciplines; the endlessness of meandering single-track trails; the equally vast array of infrequently traveled roads, both paved and 4×4, and the stunning landscapes through which all these varied paths weave their way. He has since built a small, dedicated team of passionate bikers, each a local Balkan like himself, and together they strive to provide unrivaled cycling adventures in this little known, singularly extraordinary region.



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